Inna Beach condos & Hotel at Puerto Morelos

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Puerto Morelos, Puerto Morelos

  • Venta$5,844,427 MXN
  • Venta amueblado$ 5,844,427
  • 4735 Código
  • Apartamentos Tipo de inmueble
  • Puerto Morelos Ciudad
  • Puerto Morelos Sector
  • 1 Habitaciones
  • 1 Baños
  • 1 Parqueos
  • 4
  • 8 Total de Niveles del Edificio
  • 68 Mt2Construcción
  • 2024Año de Construcción

Inna Beach Condos & Hotel design and architecture were meticulously crafted by the renowned

architectural firm Lavalle-Peniche. Drawing inspiration from imparting a sensory experience to its inhabitants and their connection with the surroundings, the design emphasizes the beauty of imperfection using authentic, region-exclusive materials that showcase the genuineness and cultural roots unique to the peninsula. This is seamlessly intertwined with a timeless and extraordinary style.

By incorporating organic-inspired trends, this development harmoniously melds the richness

of nature with spaces that exude comfort and tranquillity at every corner. INNA Beach Condos & Hotel is an invitation to prioritize your well-being and embrace a lifestyle centred around holistic wellness. Our INNA Spa stands as the nucleus of this ethos, dedicated to helping you attain a harmonious balance

of body and mind, enriching your sensory experience and overall sense of wellness.

At INNA Beach Condos & Hotel, submerge yourself in the highest level of hospitality with our hotel-

style service 24/7, ensuring your stay is incredibly enjoyable. We bring the luxuries of a hotel directly

to your doorstep.

INNA Beach Condo & Hotel offers a unique blend of luxury and investment with endless opportunities. You

can enjoy your condo as a vacation home whenever you choose, knowing that it’s an asset that has the

potential to appreciate in value over time. An investment in both your lifestyle and financial future.

At INNA Beach Condos & Hotel, property owners can seamlessly transition into becoming hotel partners, yielding returns from their investment through vacation rentals of their property managed by a

proficient market-oriented company.

This business model empowers investors to use their property as a private residence or rent it out as a hotel room, enabling owners or guests enjoy hotel services throughout their entire stay at INNA Beach Condos & Hotel.

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Inna Beach condos & Hotel at Puerto Morelos
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