Four bedrom Turn-key Villa for sale at TULUM


Región 11, Tulum

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  • Tulum Ciudad
  • Región 11 Sector
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Amari Cosmos is a landmark gated development near Holistika Tulum. The community consists of 12 Luxury Wellness Villas with twelve architecturally inspiring models ranging from 4 to 6 bedrooms. Amari Cosmos seamlessly melds contemporary elegance with the tranquil natural setting of Tulum to provide a lifestyle asset that transcends generations.

The name "Cosmos" embodies Tulum's rich connection to its cosmic and Mayan natural heritage.

Amari Cosmos is located 16 miles from Tulum International Airport, and just a few steps away from Holistika Tulum.

Cosmos lies deep in the Mayan jungle but close to it all.

Nestled in La Veleta, Tulum’s calmer more liveable area, but with direct access through Av. Kukulcan to the Beach and Nightlife you can have the best of both worlds.

Amari's exclusive water filtration system set us apart as the sole community in Tulum to offer this service.

▪ Employing a meticulous dual-filtration process, which encompasses reverse osmosis and UV water filtration technologies.

▪ Cosmos water emerges as a superior drinking option, surpassing the quality of 95% of bottled water available in the market.

Our commitment is to prioritize your well-being and to enhance the durability of your investment.

Our intelligently designed villas employ:

▪ Solar panels to energize crucial components during power outages, such as centralized water pumps, community access control, and communication hubs encompassing phone reception and internet connectivity.

▪ Our emergency system features power generators that swiftly kick into action, supplying the necessary electricity to every villa within moments.

This strategic approach gives our residents the assurance of a functional home for an uninterrupted lifestyle.

Discover the ultimate getaway at our luxury jungle villas nestled in Tulum's lush greenery.

▪ Our short-term rental service offers the convenience of hotel-like amenities and personalized care, ensuring a seamless stay.

▪ Partnering with one of the region's top concierge companies, we provide anything our guests desire, from curated experiences to everyday needs.

▪ Immerse yourself in a wellness-centered experience, indulging in spa pampering and yoga sessions amidst nature's tranquility.

Welcome to your serene sanctuary in Tulum's breathtaking jungle.

Amari takes pride in offering residents and guests complimentary luxury transportation to various destinations within Tulum and its vicinity.

This exclusive service is designed to: 

▪ Create a secure environment, ensuring that you can embark on exciting adventures without concerns about overcharging or compromising safety.

▪ Travel confidently to your desired destination with our premier black-tie service. Where safety, comfort, and reliability converge for an unparalleled transportation experience-Within our residences, you'll discover an integrated smart home package that syncs with Google Home or Alexa.

▪ You can manage lighting, curtains, air conditioning and entrance access from your phone.

▪ In the realm of connectivity, we've partnered with Gignet, recognized as the foremost Internet Service provider in Tulum. They furnish our homes with direct fiber optic internet, delivering impressive download speeds of up to 500Mbps.

Mayan mystique at AMARI.

Our development seamlessly weaves together luxury, wellness,and cosmic harmony, inviting residents to experience

life in alignment with the universe's profound energy.


Elevate your well-being at our Jungle Gym, where cutting-edge facilities draw inspiration from the Mayan belief in the

connection between physical and cosmic energies.

Our Art Gallery is a visual testament to Mayan culture, featuring works by local and international artists, creating a

space that resonates with the cosmic connections embraced by the Maya.

Indulge in culinary delights at our Outdoor Restaurant, nestled amid nature, and uncover the allure of our Wine/Café Bar a space inspired by the clandestine passages of Mayan lore, perfect for intimate gatherings.

Engage in community and friendly competition at our Pickleball courts, reflecting the vibrant energy of the surroundings.

As the sun sets, venture to our Observatory, a sanctuary where the cosmos reveals its wonders. Gaze at the stars

above, connecting with the Mayan belief in a celestial "road to the sky." Call us today for a zoom call and later program a visit to our development, where we will pick you up at the airport with Amaris luxury transportation suburbans 

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Four bedrom Turn-key Villa for sale at TULUM
Región 11, Tulum
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